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School Uniform

School Uniform


At St Aidan's we believe that school uniform is an important way of showing that we belong to the same school community and that we are all committed to being part of that community.


Governors also want to ensure that uniform is accessible for all pupils. They have therefore ensured that all items of uniform are readily available from a range of shops and suppliers at reasonable cost.

The required official school uniform is a white polo shirt with a maroon sweatshirt or cardigan and a grey skirt or trousers.  In the summer children may wear red checked dresses.


Previously loved embroidered sweatshirts and cardigans are available from the school office.


The polo shirts and sweatshirts/cardigans, embroidered with the school badge, are optional and can be obtained through Emblematic on (0191) 2701449 or via the Parents section of our school website.


Community School Clothing Scheme



Founded in 2017, Community School Clothing Scheme has been working hard with volunteers to help families and  individuals in our area. There work is dedicated to delivering free, practical and essential services, and they strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance. You can get in touch with the scheme at their website or on Facebook at



If you have any questions about school uniform affordability, please contact the school office as we will be happy to explore further options.




Footwear should be black shoes.  During extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, children may come to school in appropriate footwear.  However, they will then be expected to change into their school shoes upon arrival.



To avoid accidents the wearing of jewellery (including badges) is not permitted.  If a child does wear earrings small stud earrings only must be worn.  It is advisable not to have ears pierced during term time. Body piercing is not allowed.


PE Kit

Pupils will require a white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers for PE.  A bathing costume or swimming shorts and a towel will also be needed when pupils in key stage 2 have swimming lessons.


Parental Support

Governors assume that in choosing a school that promotes school uniform, parents will support the staff when the policy is enforced.