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Welcome to our Nursery page !smiley

Hello everyone , I hope you are all well and staying safe .

I will put some suggestions as to things you can do with your children at home during these difficult circumstances that are new to us all and we are trying  to navigate together. 

Firstly , I'd like to say please don't panic and don't  feel you have to follow every suggestion . We have to work , care for others and some of us may be ill at some point too. They are a guide and suggestions to give you some ideas and starting points. The most important thing at the moment is to stay safe and look after each other. This week will be very strange for the  children as well as your selves ( and staff) and if you just read stories, go for a walk  and play with them then that is just fine ! 

Reading and sharing stories daily is very important and a lovely activity to do . You can talk about the characters, setting , ending etc... You could  also get your child to retell the story to you in their own words, make up up their own stories or maybe think of a different ending to a well known story 

 ( our topic this half term is Traditional Tales and we have read Goldilocks and The Three Bears , The Gingerbread Man , The Three Little Pigs etc...




Playing number games - snakes and ladders , dominoes, Frustration 

Counting everyday objects , hiding numbers , playing number snap or matching pairs 

Watch Number blocks on CBeebies/BBC 

Go on a shape hunt indoors or look for different shapes on a walk 

Making patterns , pairing socks  




Play pretend games -e.g  doctors , cafes , shops etc ..,

Play in the garden/outside e.g  hopping , jumping , running , throwing and catching a large ball

Do some gardening - digging , growing seeds, talk about what they can see  

Be creative , they could maybe 

paint  a picture , do some cutting out , draw pictures of their family or favourite animals , make some  playdough

You could maybe do some simple baking together crispie cakes or buns  or maybe make a  sandwich and let  them spread and choose their filling and cut into pieces for their lunch ! 

Above all have fun ! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘


I will use See Saw  as the main method  of communicating during this difficult time away from Nursery as it is easy to navigate and everyone is on the app. Take care and you can contact me on See Saw between 10-12 if you need any support . 


Many thanks , 

Mrs Redpath .