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St Aidan’s Roman Catholic Primary

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We've been focusing on measure this week. We have already looked at measuring length in millimetres, centimetres and metres, and today we looked at weighing using grams and kilograms.

We had to use our problem solving and team working skills to come up with different ways to make 1kg. 

We'll be focusing on addition for a little while involving 3 digit numbers. We have started using column addition! We're getting really good at working in teams and helping each other. 

We've also been looking at exchanging and regrouping using dienes, which will help us with some of the trickier column addition.

Straight after Christmas we've been focusing on place value and addition and subtraction of 10 and 100. We've used Dienes blocks to help us and we've done really well!

We've been looking at place value. We have partitioned two and three digit numbers using place value counters, and we have been so careful to count how many hundreds, tens and ones there are in a number. 



We've been busy in our numeracy lessons this week making 3D shapes! We talked about their properties and even designed and built our own.