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Invitation to the Sacraments



An Invitation to the Sacraments


My name is Father David Smith and I am the Parish Priest for all three Wallsend Roman Catholic parishes. 


During a meeting with the Wallsend Catholic primary school Headteachers, we discussed the application process that has been in place for many years when it comes to having your children baptised or them being able to receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation or First Holy Communion. I understand that many parents have been unable to commit to what in my opinion have been very robust entry requirements when it comes to being able to have your child begin or continue on their sacramental journey.


While I see the need to show a certain level of commitment to these Holy Sacraments and how we go about receiving them, I also see that sometimes a certain level of flexibility and understanding are required on the part of the Church and the Parish Priest. 


In other parishes I have developed a programme that strikes a healthy realistic balance when it comes to the delivery and attendance of sacramental preparation programmes. 




If your child has at least one parent who is a baptised Roman Catholic and you live in one of the three Wallsend Roman Catholic parishes, 


Our Lady and Saint Aidan’s 

Saint Bernadette’s 

Our Lady and Saint Columba’s


You are more than welcome to have your child baptised and all you need to do is get in touch with me on 0191 2623882 or


If your circumstances are different and you have questions for me, please feel welcome to contact me and while I will always follow the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, I may well be able to help you so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch. 





Your child needs to be baptised and have at least one parent who is baptised and willing to support their child on this sacramental journey. If you or your child have not been part of a traditional sacramental journey and feel you would like to be more deeply immersed into the sacramental life of the church then once again, do get in touch with me with your questions.


Best wishes,


Fr David Smith