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Home Learning Projects



Welcome to our Home Learning Projects page. These projects are to help parents in supporting their child's learning at home. Each project has an overarching theme and they can be delivered in any order.

It is a good idea to read the plans before sharing them with your child so that you have time to think about how you want to use the activities. The activities you use will depend on the age of your child. We have designed the projects so that children of different ages in the same household can work as part of the same family project. If you have children who are close together in age, then ‘mix and match’ from the plans and do the same activities together. If you have children of very different ages, then you may want to do some individual activities and some joint activities. Feel free to select the activities from the age groups that you think best fit your child. 


Please don't worry about doing these projects with your child.


Let me tell you what all good teachers know – the learning isn’t in the outcome of the activity, it’s in the doing and the discussion. Teaching is social – it is all about the questioning and the listening. And the most important question you can say to your child during these home learning projects is this:

That’s interesting – can you tell me more about it?” or “That’s interesting – can you explain it to me?

If you do this, and only this, consistently then I promise you are on the right track. Learning isn’t done in the Instagram moment – it’s done in all the moments in-between.


We hope you find these plans and advice useful.