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Home Learning Advice and Support

St Aidan's Remote Learning Policy

Home Learning Advice and Support 


This section of our website provides resources to support your child's learning at home. The resources provide a mixture of activities to support: 

  1. Emotional well-being 
  2. Physical exercise 
  3. Academic learning  

It is important to maintain all 3 of these areas. To support emotional well-being, we strongly recommend that you establish a clear timetable that suits your circumstances but allows you to maintain a shared routine. Routines will ensure that everyone knows what is going to happen and will reduce arguments about what to do and when.


A possible timetable for a key stage 2 pupil might be: 


Before 9.00am 

Wake up 

Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed, brush your teeth,  put dirty washing in the laundry. 


Exercise or physical activity

Play in the garden, time yourself doing steps, star jumps or marching up and down stairs or complete Change4life activities. 


Academic time 

No electronics 

Simple daily activities - times tables, simple sums, flash cards, reading book, information book research, handwriting, spellings,  book, study/revision guides, write a story/report/poem 


Creative time 

No electronics 

Lego, drawing, painting, model making, role-play with puppets/dolls dressing-up, singing, cook/bake





Helping hands 

Help to clean and tidy your home e.g. wiping the table/ doors. Wash the dishes etc. 


Quiet time 

Reading, puzzles, games (dominoes, cards, board games, keep a diary, watch a film) 


Academic time 

Electronics OK 

Online learning activities – see Year Groups and Activities website for ideas. 


Exercise time 

Play in the garden, time yourself doing steps, star jumps or marching up and down stairs or complete Change4life activities. 





Helping hands 

Help to clean and tidy your home e.g. tidy your bedroom 


Free time 

Electronics OK 

Creative or quiet time activities. 




Bedtime story 

No electronics or TV 

All children: 

Read a bedtime story or share your ‘Story of Today’ to review the main things that have happened and your ‘Story of Tomorrow’ so that you know what is going to happen the next day. 




For those children who follow the daily schedule and don’t argue! 



This is simply an example of what you might follow to keep a structure under these extremely unusual circumstances. Whilst we would normally break up the day by going out and about to grandparents, shops or the park, this may not be possible during the coming weeks. What we do know is that structure and routine are really important in maintaining emotional and physical well-being of everyone involved. 

Please see our activity pages for more ideas. If you have more ideas that you can share, please let us know.