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Tuesday 3rd - English

Poetry 2


Today we are going to deepen our understanding of personification. 

Through this lesson you will use ideas and language to show personification and then make appropriate choices to develop the subject.


Begin by watching this video about personification and join in with the thinking!

Personification | Award Winning Personification Teaching Video | What is Personification?

Now let’s revisit our poem to think specifically about the use of personification.

'I Met at Eve' By Walter de La Mare

Watch or read the poem again:


"I Met at Eve" by Walter De La Mare (Poetry Reading)

"I Met at Eve" by Walter De La Mare, a poem rich in imagery about the mythological prince of sleep. A reading of a poem in the public domain. I was inspired ...

Today we are thinking about the characteristics which the poet has chosen for his character of sleep.

Look at the thought map which considers the choices that the poet has made.

He has thought of the time that sleep comes and the colours and sounds of the evening into night.

He thinks about sleep being a nice person to meet and portrays him as quiet.

He cleverly uses poppies and lavender which people use to help them sleep as part of his costume.

Your Task


Create a mind map for a character of your own. You could use the idea of a king or Queen or a Prince or Princess.  What aspect of life or our world might they influence?

Night, Day, Dawn, Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter, Fear, Joy, Envy (Jealousy) Calm. Chaos. Laughter, Bravery, Adventure, Justice. Luck, Wealth, Love are just some ideas.

You may have an idea of your own.


Think about…

Appearance. Male or female?

What they would wear. Colours/fabrics etc

Would they carry anything?

How they would move.

Where they might live.

What type of atmosphere would surround them?

Would they be alone or accompanied by others?

When might they arrive in someone’s life?


 Build as full a picture as you can while staying true to the feeling or time.

You will need your ideas for tomorrow’s task.